Journalist Brief

Dear Journalist,

For Finance In Common 2023, we are delighted to have your attention for the coverage of
this summit. We anticipate that this event will be both memorable and beneficial for you, your
readers, and thousands of individuals worldwide.

This gathering seeks to promote a change in mindset and global resource allocation. Its
primary goals are to advance the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs) and to effectively address poverty across all five continents.

The role of the media is crucial in spreading this message and, most importantly, not only in
covering these upcoming days but also in consistently observing society’s endeavors to
address the challenges we are confronting. It involves working towards a shared vision to
expedite progress towards a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Accreditation Process

Journalists interested in being accredited to cover the Summit in person can do so until
August 25, 2023, by accessing the following link: [ ]. Additionally, journalists can register at any time on the same link to cover the event
Accredited journalists will be granted access to press conferences, plenary sessions, panels,
and the keynote speeches of the Summit. Accreditation will be provided upon approval by
the event organizers.
The agenda includes six plenary sessions, five panels, 15 workshops, and eight parallel
events where the latest innovations in development financing and approaches to addressing
pressing global issues wil be discussed.

Key Data for Media Coverage

As a summary and initial tool to provide context for the start of this Summit, we offer you the
document “Key Data.”

We have established a dedicated section on the website , where you can access materials provided
by the organizers to assist with your coverage.

Throughout the event, it is essential to wear the identification badge at all times, as it may be
requested by the security team or event staff at any moment. Please be aware that there are
private meetings and sessions that are not accessible to the media. The press is
encouraged to participate in the entire public and open agenda of the event.

On , you will find three (3) icons with
updated information as follows:

  • NEWS: FICS official press releases as well as those from other organizations with relevant
  • PHOTOS: photographic record of each session as the event progresses, with a focus on
    the plenary sessions which are the most relevant moments of the Summit, as well as the
    panels throughout the three days. However, there will be documentation of each session of
    the Summit.
  • VIDEOS: MP4-format support images of the sessions and statements from the
    protagonists of the most relevant moments.

Announcements and Publications

During the Summit, various public development banks and organizations will make
significant announcements and publish documents. Follow the latest announcements in the
press conference room and on the media room section of the page to stay informed.
Press Room

In the Press Room, a dedicated team will be available to assist you. We recommend
following our event’s social media channels, including Finance in Common on LinkedIn and
@financeincommon on X, where continuous coverage of the most relevant events will be

In every room, journalists will have access to WiFi with a provided password. Furthermore,
you can tune in to the live broadcast of the entire Summit. The room provides open desk
spaces for journalists to work.

Additionally, there is an open stage where press conferences and pre-scheduled
announcements occur. If you can’t attend these events in person, you can access video
coverage through the provided links.


The designated hotel for the press is Capilla del Mar ( However,
some journalists may be accommodated in other hotels through different agencies. Most
attending media will be staying at Capilla del Mar, and scheduled van transportation to and
from the Convention Center will be provided. This official transportation will also be available
for social events, including:

  • Welcoming Cocktail and METIS Artistic Performance


Accredited journalists staying at the official media Hotel (Capilla del Mar) will have access to
shuttle transportation service between Cartagena Rafael Núñez International Airport and the
hotel, and from there to the Cartagena de Indias Convention Center.

Transportation Departure Schedule from the Capilla del Mar Hotel to the Cartagena de
Indias Convention Center:

September 4: 7:15 a.m.
September 5: 7:40 a.m.
September 6: 7:40 a.m

  • The return from the Cartagena Indias Convention Center to Capilla del Mar Hotel will be at the end of the agenda.
  • Shuttle service from the Capilla del Mar to the Airport will be from 7:00 AM to 7:00

For your safety, if you prefer alternative transportation, we kindly ask journalists to consider
using ride-sharing apps like Uber, and Cabify, which are available in the city. Alternatively,
you can request a taxi directly from the hotel.

Information about FiCS Summit

What is FiCS?

The Finance in Common Summit (FiCS) is the most important gathering for Public
Development Banks (PDBs) worldwide. Its first edition took place in 2020 in Paris as a
response to the need for more inclusive and sustainable finance to overcome the crisis
generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and to meet the Sustainable Development Goals
outlined in the 2030 Agenda. Due to its success, the Summit continued in 2021 in Rome,
Italy, and in 2022 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

From September 4th to 6th, 2023, Cartagena, Colombia, will host representatives from over
520 development banks responsible for 12% of the world’s annual investment. This
emphasizes the importance of consolidating agreements and tools to accelerate SDG

At the end of the Summit, representatives will deliver a collective declaration with concrete
commitments that will be documented in an action plan, aligning financial flows and
supporting progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030
Agenda and the Paris Agreement for climate mitigation.

Why is it important for Public Development Banks to gather in Cartagena?

Recently, the UN raised concerns about the progress of the 2030 Agenda set in 2015, which
aims to end poverty and protect the planet. The 17 interconnected SDGs cover areas such
as poverty, hunger, health, education, equality, energy, climate change, peace, and justice.
According to the UN, only 12% of the objectives are on track to be achieved, and in some
cases, up to 30% of the targets are not only stagnant but have regressed. For instance,
there are more people in poverty today than in 2019, and hunger levels have returned to
2005 levels.

Financing has been identified as a major barrier to achieving the 2030 Agenda, requiring a
reform of the global financial architecture. In this context, the Finance in Common Summit
presents a unique opportunity to deepen efforts and mobilize the necessary resources to
fulfill the Agenda.

Who Organizes FiCS 2023?

This year’s edition is co-organized by ALIDE, Bancóldex, the Inter-American Development
Bank (IDB), CAF, the European Investment Bank (EIB), and the French Development
Agency (AFD). Additionally, the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation,
the development banks of Italy and the Caribbean, among others, have also joined.


This year, four main themes will be discussed: SMEs and financial inclusion, climate and
biodiversity, sustainable infrastructure, and the institutional agenda to strengthen national
public development banks.

Furthermore, four cross-cutting themes will be addressed, including: social integration and
development impact, mobilization of private capital towards the Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs), collaboration with civil society and the inclusion of Human Rights, and the
perspective of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Some of the speakers and panelists:

Gustavo Petro, President of Colombia

  • Ricardo Bonilla, Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia
  • Germán Umaña, Minister of Trade, Industry, and Tourism
  • Ilan Goldfajn, President of the IDB
  • James Scriven, CEO of IDB Invest
  • Ana María Ibáñez, Vice President of Sectors and Knowledge at the IDB
  • Javier Díaz Fajardo, President of Bancóldex
  • Aloizio Mercadante, President of BNDES
  • Luis Antonio Ramírez, President of ALIDE
  • Rémy Rioux, Director General of AFD
  • Sergio Díaz – Granados, Executive President of CAF
  • Werner Hoyer, President of the EIB
  • Volker Türk, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Laura Chinchilla, Former President of Costa Rica and member of Analítica Consulting
    Group of Latin America
  • Javiera Petersen, Deputy Secretary of Economy of Chile
  • Héctor Abad Faciolince, Colombian writer
  • Juan Carlos Mora, CEO of Bancolombia
  • Francisco Lozano, CEO of FDN
  • Hervé Berville, Minister of Maritime Affairs of France
  • Jaime Pumarejo, Mayor of Barranquilla
  • Claudia López, Mayor of Bogotá
  • Franz Fayot, Minister of the Economy, Cooperation for Development, and Humanitarian
    Affairs of Luxembourg.

In addition, representatives from institutions such as:

  • World Bank
  • OECD
  • Montreal Group
  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
  • Global Steering Group
  • International Fund for Agricultural Development
  • International Development Finance Club (IDFC)
  • D20 Long Term Investors Club
  • Global Cities Development Fund
  • Institute for Climate Economics
  • Brazilian Center for International Relations
  • Green Bond Global Initiative (GGBI)
  • German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)
  • Investment Climate Reform Facility
  • Berne Union
  • Institute for Sports Credit (Istituto per il Credito Sportivo)

Key Links

If you want to learn more about FiCS:

About the host Bancóldex:

If you want to know the event’s speakers:

The event’s agenda:


Cartagena has a tropical, warm and humid climate, with average temperatures between 28°C and 32°C.​

The dress code for the Summit is business casual (no tie). We suggest the use of fresh and light fabrics.

4-6 SEPTEMBER 2023